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"Batik" painting on Ciba pepandra's bark (location: Ujung Genteng)

From: Celina   (Thu Sep 6 21:17:40 2012)
TURN THOSE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS OFF!I’ve never seen the Marine Theatre as full as it was for the launch of Turn Lyme Green. ‘Well done’ to the orgzinaers. After plastics, I hope the next focus of attention will be energy conservation.I’m astonished to see that some people are still covering the outside of their houses with Christmas lights and illuminated Santas. In some areas, neighbours compete with each other to see who can pile on the most and leave them on for longer. WHY? It's for the children , I hear. Is wasting energy a good example to set for the next generation? But it's for charity . Can’t some other way can be found to raise money?Children used to enjoy Christmas quite happily with just a few fairy lights on a tree.The Council is promising us Christmas lights that are better than ever . Does this mean they’ll use even more electricity? Perhaps they can make sure they’re not turned on in daylight or left on too late. Also, there are many local shops that leave their doors wide open in winter, some with heaters right above the doorway. Apart from wasting their own money, they’re contributing to global warming twice: both in the generation of the power they use and by directly heating the air outside. If enough customers draw attention to it, maybe they’ll think again.We won’t need any more nuclear power stations to be built if we simply USE LESS POWER. The I can afford it therefore I can squander it attitude is no longer OK. Let’s look forward to seeing the first wind turbines on a hilltop in Dorset. They could be another tourist attraction.

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