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From: (rennes)   (Mon Mar 31 17:36:57 2003)
Kok pak wahyu jadi gendut botak dan tua ya....

From: andry   (Sun May 4 13:37:31 2003)
Ohh..itu toch yg namanya pak wachyou.

From: vlbyynne   (Tue Mar 22 12:14:13 2011)
RINKzG lxgzoyioupcx, [url=]ifnyeshpcris[/url], [link=]xtnjhwkipxua[/link],

From: Maria   (Fri Sep 7 11:05:32 2012)
One benefit that I get from being part of a siacol network is that I keep in touch with family and friends that live far away. It also helps me keep in the touch with all the new things that are in now. One last reason why I benefit from being a part of siacol networks is when I'm away from them for a period of time and I log back in, I get all the latest updates and things everyon has been doing.

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