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From: Jenibelle   (Fri Sep 2 23:20:03 2011)
Ab fab my golody man.

From: Oshoma   (Thu Sep 6 22:41:02 2012)
Well done, let's keep up the good work!Could turnlymegreen bulk buy bio-degradable bags and conatiners, and sell them locally? This would encourage us to use them instead of plastics, and would be cheaper than buying individually from the manufacturers. It would also bring the costs down, as more towns do the same.It would be good to get a professional who deals with recycling to talk to us and answer questionss about what is done with the various materials. It could also encourage the recyclers to deal with more plastics such as yoghort conatiners which are not currently recycled.What about asking the manager of Axminster Tesco to come and speak to us? Most of the rubbish comes from Tesco, and they need to be put under pressure to change their packaging and recycle I would like to see all supermarkets having recycling bins in their carparks.

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