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From: Kaylana   (Fri Sep 2 20:42:28 2011)
Gee whiz, and I thoguht this would be hard to find out.

From: Emilia   (Thu Sep 6 22:52:52 2012)
Great startup event with lots of etuansihsm. Need to embrace the whole town(area?)Next in line for the chop must be polystyrene cups, fast food containers and those thin pieces of clear plastic that wrap some things.At the same time traders need to to be brought on board so that their livelihood is not threatened(except Tesco!) eg chip shops may have to pay more for corn containers than polystyrene. Charge more or make less? Handing out low voltage bulbs could antagonise shops that sell them. Why not get them on boarby involving them in distribution. More people in their shops, more sales, hopefully. Well done so far

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