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From: Mellie   (Fri Sep 2 22:49:44 2011)
It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of snushine.

From: Soifah   (Thu Sep 6 22:16:33 2012)
The Turn Lyme Green effort is fine. I prnoseally prefer string bags, which I have used for many years. They stretch to hold nearly a cubic yard of items, yet scrunch into a ball smaller than a fist, small enough to go into a pocket. I order them for a32 each plus VAT (a price that would come down for larger orders) and they are on sale now at Jalito's; I also persuaded stallholders at Axminster market to carry them, and have some more that I will be offering to some other shop in Lyme or Uplyme. Once you get used to carrying your own string bag around, you find its endless convenience addictive, and enjoy rejecting shops' bags everywhere from Lyme to London to Palermo.Lyme cannot become plastic-bag free as long as people can come into shops bagless and have to be given bags. There are only two ways: For plastic bags actually to be banned by law, as in (parts of?) France. Or for the majority of people, not just Lymians but tourists, to be accustomed to carrying their own bags around. I feel that string bags are the appealing idea most likely to spread.

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