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Echinodorus sp (personal collection)

From: kceihlsey   (Tue Mar 22 12:11:21 2011)
EedMr8 gceegxmvlola, [url=]hvxeerobisqi[/url], [link=]gxcwufduyefh[/link],

From: Denisha   (Sat Sep 3 01:52:54 2011)
I really nedeed to find this info, thank God!

From: LhEa   (Thu Sep 6 23:15:37 2012)
Does anyone know where to buy bin lierns which biodegrade? I failed to find any in a recent hunt. We are in rural West Dorset and do not have wheelie bins our rubbish has to be in a bag and is thrown into an open topped lorry so it has to be contained in something.Also, I haven't seen any bags for sale for swing bin/pedal bins and the small compostable bags I use for kitchen waste are too small for these purposes. I used to think I was doing quite well using my old Tesco carrier bags twice once for shopping and then to put my rubbish in I know see the error of my ways!

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